Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’re here to answer!

I’ve never built before, where do I start?

Start by giving us a call, with over 10 years of experience in the building industry. You can trust us to give you the best advice and to guide you through the entire building process.

At what stage do I involve a builder?

It always pays to get your builder involved early. Simple advice from a Master Builder when making critical decisions like choosing a section, architectural style, plans and building materials can save a lot of hassle later on.

Why is it important to select a Master Builder?

Only a Master Builder can provide you comfort in the knowledge that your builder is trade qualified and offers the protection of consumer-friendly building contracts. With a Master Builder, you will also be provided with the Master Build 10-year Guarantee.

Does my builder need to be a Licensed Building Practitioner?

We will always endeavour to keep our construction sites safe and clean. We are members of Site Safe and will provide you with a safety information pack at the beginning of the building programme.

Do I need a building consent?
  • If you are carrying out building work you may need to apply for a building consent.
  • Here are some examples of work that requires consent:
  • Any structural building including new buildings, additions, alterations, accessory buildings (sheds), and re-piling
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Heating (fireplaces), ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Siteworks for a building
  • Retaining walls higher than 1.5 metres, or retaining walls with a building or driveway near the top
  • Fences higher than 2.5 metres and any swimming pool fence
  • Swimming pools
  • Decks more than 1.5 metres from ground level

If in doubt we recommend you ring your local Council and discuss your project with them.

Do I get a guarantee?

Yes, you do! The Master Build 10-Year Guarantees have been developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand families. It’s designed to suit your modern building needs.

  • The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee protects a homeowner when renovating or building a home. This is likely to be the biggest investment they make in a lifetime, and it needs to be protected.
  • The Guarantee covers the homeowner for ten years and starts at the time they sign the contract. It covers them from Loss of Deposit and Non-Completion, Materials and Workmanship, and Structural Defects. A Guarantee costs less than 1% of the build cost and adds value to your property – it is fully transferable if you sell. The Guarantee provides cover not included by general house insurance.
  • While the vast majority of building projects go through smoothly, things can go wrong. A Guarantee provides the process to resolve these issues. This will be an emotional and stressful time, we appreciate that, and our team are there to help guide the homeowner through it. This is a legal process, and so there are steps and timeframes that must apply, but we pride ourselves on acting quickly and efficiently to get the issue resolved, without lengthy and expensive court proceedings.
  • The protection provided by Guarantees varies depending on the guarantee product, however in all cases not only does it give you peace of mind – it also makes good financial sense.
Are the guarantees transferable if I sell my home?

If you decide to sell your home within 10 years of taking out our Guarantee, you can transfer it to the property’s new owners.

A Guarantee adds value to your property as it gives both you and the buyer the peace of mind of knowing they’re protected.

A Guarantee can be transferred multiple times within its 10-year term – but this does not extend the period of cover.


Some conditions apply:

  • All transfers need approval
  • You can only transfer the guarantee if it’s in your name
  • The new owner needs to fill in and sign a Request for Transfer form to demonstrate they’ve made a full inspection of the home and pay the transfer fee
  • A completed Request for Transfer must be received by us within 90 days of your settlement date.
How can I keep the building project within my budget?

We recommend entering into a full building contract which will enable you to know exactly what the cost will be and what you will get.

How do we pay for the building project?

You pay on a progress payment system as detailed in your building agreement. One advantage of full contract is you only need to make payments to one company and payments are made at specific stages of the project. When you receive a written contract quote, we will provide you with a payment schedule and also a construction schedule so you know what to expect and when to expect it.

Can I make changes during the building project?

We welcome you to make any changes you would like to enhance your home. Any requests by yourselves incurring extra labour and/or material costs will be treated as a variation to the contract. All variations will be costed and presented to you for approval authorising the builder to carry out these changes before any such works can be started.

Will the construction site be safe?

We will always endeavour to keep our construction sites safe and clean. We are members of Site Safe and will provide you with a safety information pack at the beginning of the building programme.